The ݮƵ Senate approved a new strategic research plan titled . The plan aims to build upon the University’s past success and commitment to excellence in research. Its goals and objectives span a broad range of intellectual, scholarly, and creative endeavours at the University. During the consultation process, five signature areas of excellence emerged:

  1. Humanity, Justice, and Organizations;
  2. Environmental Stewardship;
  3. Healthy Communities;
  4. Healthy Animals; and
  5. Sustainable Development.

Other areas that were identified crossed boundaries of multiple fields: Bioscience; Island Studies; Data Science; and One Health. The plan describes how ݮƵ supports the full range of research programs across the University, including those that may not fall within one of the signature areas.

The number of graduate students at ݮƵ has grown in the past decade by more than 200 per cent, with several new programs offered across our academic faculties and schools.

ݮƵ's research expertise includes:

  • 3 Canada Research Chairs
  • 1 Canada Excellence Research Chair
  • 1 UNESCO Chair
  • 3 Endowed Chairs   
  • 1 Chair of L.M. Montgomery Studies, and Applied Communication, Leadership, and Culture
  • 8 research institutes and centres
  • A world-class veterinary school and teaching hospital 

Dr. Caroline Ritter

Dr. Caroline Ritter, Canada Research Chair in Veterinary Social Epidemiology at ݮƵ, has been awarded a SSHRC Insight Grant totalling $212,060 for a project titled “An application of cognitive dissonance theory to decisions affecting animal welfare.”

kelley memorial building, north entrance
kelley memorial building, north entrance
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